Professional Warranty

We provide a one-year warranty from the date of installation on defects in workmanship only. 

Material warranty and defects are held by the manufacturer only and not covered by Adriatic Granite. We are happy to assist with contact information regarding material warranty but have no impact on the manufacturer’s warranty decision and cannot be held liable. 

Countertop surfaces exposed to view shall be free of cracks, however, some natural materials may have inherent imperfections. Joints are not considered to be cracks but shall not exhibit separations greater than 1.5 mm (1/16”) unless by design. 

Stone countertops have natural fissures or voids that are part of the character of the surface and are not covered under warranty. 

Standing water, heat, impact, heavy loads and some cleaning solutions can damage countertops and are not covered under warranty. Care must be taken to ensure that countertops are kept free of standing water at joints and openings at sinks and faucets.  

Cracks resulting from improper use or post-occupancy impact are not covered under warranty. 

Damage resulting from maintenance not conducted by the owner in keeping with maintenance documentation provided to the owner by the warranty provider or builder, or from additions, deletions or alterations made by the owner is not covered under warranty.  

Where repairs are required, colour, finish or texture may not have an exact match.

Granite, with the exception of Sensa by Silestone, does not carry a warranty. 

For details on quartz surface warranty please visit the website of the respective manufacturer.